Internal Medicine Family Support Network at Michigan Medicine

The site is open for individuals to request services as well as for helpers to post listings offering assistance. Please share the link with those in your family/local community who may be interested in offering their help to the Internal Medicine Community at Michigan Medicine! Anyone may offer their help, but only current faculty, staff, and trainees are able to request services.

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Terms of Use

  1. Offeror- person offering a service through this site
  2. Requestor- person requesting services offered by the Offeror
  3. This site is not intended for use by commercial day cares or businesses
  4. Offerors should not include name, address, or phone number in their offer descriptions
  5. No profanity or disrespectful comments are allowed in any posting or request for offer. Site moderators have the discretion to edit/remove posts without notice
  6. Please respect the privacy of others and treat everyone with dignity and respect. Failure to do so can result in loss of login privileges and ability to post/request services.
  7. Please keep in mind that Offerors are individuals who are voluntarily extending their willingness to help others. Respectful and professional behavior is a core expectation between Offerors and Requestors. Failure to do so can result in loss of login privileges and ability to post/request services.
  8. By accessing this site you agree to all the terms and policies stated in this section.
  9. If you feel that your privileges to use this site have been revoked without reasonable cause, please contact the Site Administrator via e-mail and state your case for re-instatement. All decisions by the Site Administrator in matters of access are final.
  10. Please read carefully all disclaimers below.

Liability Disclaimers

Community members who are requesting or offering childcare, tutoring, or other services must communicate directly. Arrangements concerning care providers, location, duration, compensation and all other aspects of care or service are arranged between individuals and families. We encourage those needing care to carefully review all aspects of any arrangement, including contacting references prior to engaging caregiver and/or accepting services.

The University of Michigan, including the Department of Medicine, cannot warrant or recommend one particular caregiver/individual or another to provide services. The decision to engage or employ must be made after thoughtful evaluation. The responsibility for screening caregivers/individuals remains completely with those requesting services. The University disclaims any liability for any injury or loss that may arise out of any relationship entered into between engaging/employing individuals and/or caregivers. The University takes no responsibility for any employment or other relationship created between its employees and caregivers or for any aspects of care that is provided or shared.

We further encourage individuals to educate themselves about any legal requirements or tax obligations should caregivers or individuals receive financial compensation. We also encourage caregivers/volunteers to educate themselves regarding their legal rights and note that the University makes no warranties as to the wages and working conditions offered by prospective employers using this service.

By using this site you agree to these terms and conditions. Please note that information shared on this platform may be subject to release under federal and state law. All posts must be courteous and respectful. The University reserves the right to remove posts for those who do not comply.