What is the timeline for this project?

Implementation of the network will occur in two phases. Phase I (4/3-4/10) will focus on identifying individuals who wish to offer their assistance to populate the site. Phase II (4/10-) will open access so that individuals can request services.

How do I edit, view or delete my own listings?

Make sure you are logged into the site and go to your User Dashboard.

Can I put my listing on hold if I’m busy?

To do this, we recommend you edit the title of your listing to add “[Currently Unavailable]” to the beginning of the title. You can edit your post again to remove that text once you are free again!

Do I have to create an account to post a listing?

Yes. When you try to create a listing you will need to either create an account or login if you have already created an account.

Do I have to create an account to respond to a listing?

No. But you will need to respond from your @umich.edu or @med.umich.edu email.