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Posted 7 months ago

Need an errand run? A home-cooked meal? A regular check-in phone call or Zoom? Happy to help any way I can!

 General Assistance / 31 views

Posted 6 months ago

Happy to help with grocery or other shopping needs. Available several days/week so can be flexible. You provide a list of what you need and...

 Shopping / 39 views

Posted 7 months ago

Will shop for food and needed supplies

 Shopping / 47 views

Posted 7 months ago

I'm a U of M staff member and alum. I have two cats myself and experience cat sitting for friends. I'm happy to visit your...

 Pet Care / 32 views

Posted 7 months ago

Able to provide babysitting services. I am currently a 3rd med student at U of M and planning on going into Med-Peds. I also came...

 Child Care / 61 views

Posted 7 months ago

Can go and get groceries or other supplies for you and your family.

 Shopping / 26 views

Posted 7 months ago

Hi there- I hope whoever might be reading this is safe and well, and thank you for the work you're doing. I'm a medical student...

 General Assistance / 46 views

Posted 7 months ago

I am a Michigan Medicine employee willing to help with dog walking, shopping, and any other basic needs!

 General Assistance / 44 views

Posted 7 months ago

Recent graduate with a PhD in Nuclear Physics and current post-doc at UMich. Willing to assist at any level with general science, math, and other...

 Tutoring / 23 views

Posted 7 months ago

Me and my roommate (or just one of us, whatever you need) are willing to help care for your family in this time of need....

 Child Care / 41 views

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